Mohammed, the gifted linguist

PortraitMohammadmittelWhat is your name?

My name is Mohammed.

How old are you?

I turned 19 on the first of July


Where are you from?

I come from Mosul in Iraq.

Why did you come to Austria?

The IS has occupied my city. It was dangerous for me. They come into the houses and take the young men to fight for them.

If a man drinks or smokes, he is publicly whipped. That they have done to me, because I smoked a cigarette in public. In Mosul I had to wear different clothes, I had no internet, I had to grow my beard and wasn’t allowed to have long hair. It would be a terrible and dangerous life for me there.

Where are your family?

My family still lives in Mosul. They could not come with me. But one of my brothers is in Tirol.

What were you doing at home?

I worked as a cosmetics salesman in my brother’s business.

Which languages do you speak?

I speak four languages: Arabic, German, Turkish and English. I already reached level A2 in German.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are swimming and fitness. In Iraq, I won a bronze medal in swimming.

What plans do you have for your future in Austria?

I definitely want to study and become a lawyer. When I’ve achieved that, I just want to get a good job as a lawyer, start a family and live a nice, normal life in Austria.

Would you like to say anything else?

I am very happy with the help I have received and I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me!



Mohammad learned from home with the help of a friend and a course book, including CDs to pass the German A1 course. He passed the A2 course this summer. With the help of donations he will attend a A2 + course from mid-September.