We have been helping refugees take their first steps in Austria for some time now. We have realized that what crushes these people more than anything else, is waiting day after day: waiting for asylum, waiting for a German course, waiting for a new life. So in the summer of 2016, we founded the “scholarship4you – Association for the Promotion of Education and Training of Asylum-seekers, Refugees and Migrants.”

We hope, among other things, that the initiative will help to give some purpose to this waiting period. This doesn’t have to be wasted time: it can be used to further education, which can considerably ease the step into training and employment, making the time more beneficial.

Of course, we offer continued support even after asylum has been granted, to help people, in accordance with asylum regulations, to continue in their education and training path so that they can find suitable work or training places.

Loss of lifetime

Asylum seekers often wait up to one and a half years for a decision on their claim. During this time they are not allowed to work and are not entitled to a subsidized place on a certified German course. Places in the few subsidized language courses are strictly regulated and the locations are too far away and travel too expensive for asylum seekers to attend without help.

However, asylum seekers are encouraged in their initial interview with social services to learn German as quickly and as well as possible.

Thanks to many courses, often offered by volunteers, it is possible to start learning a little of the new language early on. But these courses do not provide certification. And those seeking or receiving asylum, must take an A1 course examination. Therefore the required language studies can only start a long time after entering the country. In our experience, asylum seekers see this as a great loss of time.

Educational advancement

This is precisely where we want to intervene and give people the opportunity to fill this long waiting period with certified courses. This gives them a framework for their days and reduces the time needed after asylum is granted to find work, an apartment and integration. And for anyone who wants to study, it can mean starting a semester earlier in the desired degree.

The long wait for an asylum decision is demoralising for young, promising people. We want to offer them the opportunity to use this time productively for their future before state aid reaches them.

Educational guidance

The German language is the basis for a future in Austria. We accompany people in their further education and training path, assisting them so that they can take up courses that they simply could not afford without support (covering course fees, learning materials, computers, travel expenses, etc.)

Direct help for real people

Help a person who has escaped from war and infinite suffering with a financial contribution to sustain his or her new life with a sound education. Not only will your support directly help a person, it will benefit our society.

Our assistance is made possible with financial resources from dedicated donors. Our online blog highlights the people we have been able to help, so you can see exactly who has benefited from your generosity.

Further information on how you can support us can be found here.